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Lisa is a Creative Director and Portrait Photographer specializing in Newborn and Family portraiture. Her nurturing desire to capture babies and family as they grew led to launching a full-time photography business in 2012. Captivated by earth's natural beauty, Lisa's style resembles an artistic 'moody' feel incorporating artistically chosen colour, textures and dramatic lighting. In addition to capturing stunning personal imagery, Lisa works with creators and brands to establish a strong visual through creative direction in photo, video and online presence.

New Life

Newborn Photography

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the most creative and artistic imagery of your growing family. The sought after studio style newborn photography session resembles an artistic 'moody' feel incorporating artistically chosen colour, textures and dramatic lighting - or choose a Lifestyle session for a more intimate, and natural experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Family Photography

Whatever you imagine when you think of a family photography session…forget all of that. This is much more like having a friend over to hang out, and I just so happen to have a camera with me! I don’t follow you around with my camera in your face the whole time. I spend time learning about your family through conversation and observation. I take photographs as moments happen, but I will also direct you into creating one with my artistic soul. I often let your kids be the boss a bit, and see where their childlike imaginations and sense of fun take us. It’s really that simple. Even the men can enjoy it 😉

Intimate Weddings

Wedding Photography

My moody style of wedding photography is often described as having a warm, organic, and almost cinematic feel. My goal in every image is to showcase the atmosphere and evoke emotion. To capture the lighting and true feel of the space and to transcend a single moment to bring you right into the photo! I strive to bring intimacy to every shot I capture.

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Children & Milestone Photography

Days do make a difference. Every stage in life brings its own challenges and triumphs. Every age does matter. Photography is one of the best ways to capture your child, or your family as they truly are. Quality imagery memorializes the moments of life that fly by – giving you something you can hold onto to help you remember this stage of life before it is gone. Over time, you’ll accumulate a collection of portraits that show your family changing and growing. These moments take you back in time, remembering that exact moment in time.

New Parents

Maternity & Parenthood

Celebrating your journey. Capturing the joy and anticipation. For women - your maternity session allows you to focus on you – your beauty and strength and to remind yourself of how absolutely stunning you are. For parents, a maternity session gives you and your partner a chance to reflect on the life you’ve built together and shine on who you both are as you transition to parenthood.

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Lisa Durand

Creative Director + Photographer

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