Discover Cozy Country Charm: Your New Local Home Decor Haven

Hey there Sunderland & Brock Township neighbours and friends!

Guess what? There’s a fabulous new addition to our little corner of the world here in Layton (Sunderland) that’s been sprinkling some magic into our lives this holiday season! A brand new home decor haven right here in our beloved local countryside in Sunderland! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a touch of warmth and style added to their homes – especially during the holiday season!

Nestled right around the corner from my studio here on Concession 2 in Sunderland, Bella Fleur Boutique is set to become a local go-to spot for all things home decor. From rustic farmhouse finds to modern chic treasures, they’ve got it all.  Their current opening hours are Thursday and Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 11-4.

P.S. Some of the locals might recall… this place was once the home of the renowned artist Walter Campbell who is still close with us in town Sunderland Ontario.  Alongside Walter, his wife Lynn Campbell is our ward counsellor, we have some truly talented people in our small community!

And can we talk about how absolutely charming their space is? I'm talking about a Pinterest-worthy paradise that's practically begging for a photo op – perfect for those drop-in holiday photos!

Why you'll love it at Bella Fleur Boutique

Unique Home Decor Finds

Bella Fleur Boutique has curated a collection that’s as unique as our community. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to spruce up your living room or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen, they’ve got treasures for every taste. 

Warm and Inviting Neighbourly Atmosphere

Step inside, and you’ll instantly feel the welcoming country vibes. The team at Bella Fleur Boutique is not just in the business of selling decor; they’re in the business of creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

Local Business Love

Let’s show some support to our local businesses! Bella Fleur Boutique is a family-owned gem, and every purchase you make helps our community thrive.

Holiday Photos In The Country!

Deck the Halls in Style: Holiday Edition!

With the holidays just around the corner, Bella Fleur Boutique is the perfect place to snag some festive decor. Think twinkling lights, cozy blankets, and ornaments that will make your tree the talk of the town. And did I mention they’ve got the most Instagram-worthy backdrop for your family holiday photos? I snuck in for a visit with my boys and did some holiday photos of my own. 

P.S. For another local business shoutout, my youngest here is OBSESSED with his Foundry Mechanical hat! Travis and I both grew up in Brock Township, worked together to create a brand for his HVAC company which he’s done some pretty awesome stuff with! Be sure to check him out for all things heating, cooling and hydronic heating! Oh, and of course Embossing Solutions in town Sunderland produced these hats with a really cool 3D application, with a textured feel, no wonder my kid loves it ;)

As their holiday season will be ending mid-December if anyone would like to visit and perhaps sneak in some photos just reach out and we can see if we can squeeze in and meet the new owners :-)